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Agricultural Application

Afforestation project in Xining, Qinghai

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Xining has a long history and culture, unique natural resources, colorful folk customs, is a bright pearl of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It has the honorary title of the national advanced garden city and the national forest city.


At recent years, large area of afforestation requires a number of agricultural water treatment filters. As the high water requirement, the filtration effect must be good.

Application scheme:

According to the requirements of customers, Philip recommended a combination of sand filter and disc filter filtration mode. After the first filtration of the sand filter, the organic and inorganic solid suspended solids in the raw water are filtered out.Then it passes through the second filtration of the disc filter, because the core is composed of a group of plates with grooves on both sides, and the intersection point formed by the edges of the grooves can intercept suspended and solid substances in the water, so the filtration effect is greatly improved.

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