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Industrial Application

Industrial circulating water filtration project in Kota Palembang, Indonesia

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Capital of South Sumatra Province ,Indonesian, the largest port and Trade Center in southern Sumatra. Kota Palembang is located in the southeastern part of the island. The inner part of the marsh is only 2 meters above sea level, across the lower reaches of the Mu Xi River. The city"s watercourse is called "Watertown".


In the factory area of Indonesian enterprise, the industrial circulating water treatment and filtration equipment need to be updated, so it is necessary to operate the filtration system conveniently, which can filter out the impurities in the circulating water and avoid the blockage of pipes, nozzles and other parts.

Application scheme:

According to customer"s request, our company recommended self-cleaning filter. When it is dealing with the circulating water, the water flows in the inlet pipe and out from the outlet pipe after filtering. The impurity particles in the water accumulate on the inner surface of the filter screen, which makes the difference between the inside and outside of the cartridge. When the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter screen reaches a predetermined value, the pressure difference switch transmits the signal to the control panel. The disk drive motor drives the brush to rotate to remove dirt and impurities from the filter screen. At the same time, the drain valve is opened and the impurities are discharged from the drain valve.

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