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Industrial Application

Vietnam enterprise high-speed sand media filter project

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In the factory of a multinational enterprise in Ha Tinh Province of Vietnam, to renew the water treatment equipment, a complete set of filtration equipment is needed. Ha Tinh Province is located in the north-central coastal of Vietnam, adjacent to YiAn Province in the north, Guangping Province in the south, Laos in the West and Beibu Gulf in the east.


In the factory of a multinational enterprise, the renewal of water treatment equipment needs to set up a whole set of filtering devices. It requires simple operation, high water recycling efficiency, less waste water resources and higher effluent quality.

Application scheme:

According to customer requirements, our company have provided a high-speed sand media filter. The high-speed sand media filter can ensure the high quality of the effluent when there are more suspended substances in the raw water. It has the advantages of high filtration speed, large amount of treated water and small area. The operation mode is manual operation and one (or more) programmed automatic operation. Selected by the customers, the high-speed sand media filter is not only suitable for filtering raw water with suspended solids, but also for improving water quality, increasing water recycling efficiency and saving water. It is the necessary equipment in current industrial water treatment.

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