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Filit participated in the second Chinese plastic water-saving irrigation products in agriculture

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Filit was held in shijiazhuang from December 17 to 18."The second China plastic water-saving irrigation product application conference in agricultural modernization and the 2016 China plastic association professional committee annual meeting" attracted nearly 200 people from relevant government departments, scientific research institutes, universities and enterprise leaders, experts and technicians.

During the conference, also held in 2016, the China plastics processing industry association professional committee of plastic water-saving equipment directors" meeting, through the new irrigation technology co., LTD., xinjiang xinjiang whaley SBC macro state of water-saving irrigation (group) co., LTD. And Beijing network technology co., LTD., three the decision of the director unit, director unit jointly signed commitment in China plastic association professional committee of plastic water-saving equipment industry self-discipline convention.

The opening ceremony was presided over by ma zhanfeng, secretary general of China plastics processing industry association.Executive vice President and secretary general of China plastics processing industry association zhu wenwei, director of China plastics processing industry association professional committee of plastic water-saving equipment Chen Lin, director of water resources department of hebei province li zhiqun department of water resources address the conference.Wu yuqin, director of the Chinese irrigation and drainage development center of the ministry of water resources, du sen, director of the water-saving department of the national agricultural technology promotion center, wang hejun, director of the soil and fertilizer station of the hebei provincial department of agriculture, Yin feihu, researcher of the agricultural reclamation academy of the xinjiang production and construction corps, and other leaders and guests attended.

Secretary general of the China plastics processing industry association wen-wei chu said in his speech, although our country microspray irrigation water-saving equipment types has reached more than 100, in the production of water-saving equipment equipment, technology, product performance has reached or exceed the advanced level abroad, but in terms of promotion and application of water-saving irrigation compared with the developed countries abroad, there is a larger gap.First, there are many problems in the industry, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, defective products, indiscriminate use of old materials and low price competition.2. Lack of design talents and competent design institutions with professional experience in water-saving irrigation.The basic theory of agricultural water-saving technology application is weak, the utilization coefficient of water resources is not high, and the degree of agricultural water-saving irrigation automation is low.The standard system also needs to be improved.All these problems affect the application effect of plastic water-saving irrigation products in agricultural modernization.Therefore, we should improve the industrial innovation system and mechanism and encourage leading enterprises to actively participate in the marketization of irrigation water.We will establish a quality standard system for water-saving plastic products and strengthen supervision over the quality of various water-saving products and their manufacturers.We will standardize the planning, design, construction and operation management of water-saving irrigation projects in agriculture.Establish the joint innovation center of industry, university and research and tamp the applied basic theory research.We will build an innovation platform for water-saving equipment and strengthen the development of independent product innovation.It is the key work for the development of the 13th five-year plan period.

Wu Yuqin China irrigation and drainage development center director in the ministry of water resources, entitled "the situation facing the development of water-saving irrigation task" in the report, said China"s current main problems of water saving irrigation development include: land production mode of operation does not adapt, agricultural water-saving mechanism is not yet perfect, service system is difficult to support the construction and management requirements.It is understood that there are about 6,000 quasi-public welfare water conservancy professional service teams, and the irrigation area of the service is about 100 million mu, less than a quarter of the national water-saving irrigation project area.The situation of emphasizing construction and neglecting management has not been fundamentally reversed.During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", management, system construction will become a new bright spot in the development of water-saving irrigation, great changes will take place in the way of water-saving irrigation in, water metering and monitoring facilities construction will become the necessities of the construction of the project, the main crop irrigation system, scientific fertilization to become a research direction, realize the integration of sewage sludge and hand in hand with the development of water-saving irrigation, automatic control, information will become the good assistant of agricultural management.

Commissioner of the national agricultural technology center water saving has been pointed out that in recent years, our country agricultural development under the background of "ten consecutive increase", what kind of country in order to solve well as the guidance, to speed up the construction of new type of agricultural management system, to ease the less water lack of resources and environment constraints as the guidance, to speed up the transformation of the mode of agricultural development, to meet eat very delicious a security as the guidance, to develop good safety of agricultural products, constantly regulations agricultural development new advantages.For the development of agriculture, a series of measures such as "storing grain in the land, storing grain in the technology", structural adjustment, crop rotation and fallowing, black land protection, zero growth of fertilizer, and over-exploitation of groundwater were put forward.As a key technology for water control and weight loss, the integration of water and fertilizer is also moving from facilities to field, from northwest to the whole country, from cash crops to food crops, from noble technologies to civilian applications.

China plastics processing industry association plastic water-saving equipment professional committee director Chen Lin in titled "plastic water-saving equipment in the application of agricultural modernization and thinking" the theme of the report, said the idea to water-saving irrigation water-saving agriculture development to water, technology and equipment to develop in the direction of automation, informationization, intellectualized, the top-level design geared to the needs of scale, promote the development of regionalization, and gradually build related system and mechanism of accelerating the participation of social capital.It is pointed out that muddy water filtration treatment, water fertilizer gas integration, intelligent irrigation, large diameter plastic pipe, photovoltaic agricultural technology and products have broad prospects.

Gong shihong, deputy director of the institute of water resources and hydropower research of the Chinese academy of water resources and hydropower, Shared the key technical issues involved in the engineering system, the design concept of large-scale micro-irrigation system, the integration of engineering, agronomy and agricultural machinery, and the project management.We will strengthen professional contacts and exchanges in water conservancy, agriculture, agricultural machinery, plastics processing, automatic control and informatization, improve the construction of a standardized system, unify standards, and build a sound technical service system and network.We will focus on the advantages of various industries and promote steady, rapid and healthy development of water-saving irrigation.

Mr. Rakesh Pandya, marketing manager of boru (India) LTD., introduced the basic situation of India"s irrigation market and product types.In particular, the application of beixing twin - peak technology in drip irrigation pipe can give consideration to both mechanical and machining performance.Compared with traditional materials, it has certain advantages in stretching and extrusion.

Yin feihu, a researcher at the academy of agricultural science of xinjiang production and construction corps, pointed out in the report entitled "current situation of integrated research and application of drip irrigation and water fertilizer" that the main problems existing in the integration of drip irrigation and water fertilizer include: 1.Drip irrigation has not been included in irrigation and water conservancy projects in most areas. The design of drip irrigation system is not closely integrated with local geographical environment, water quality, crops and cultivation and cultivation methods, and the field design and system allocation are not reasonable.Second, the integration of water and fertilizer is not in place.Besides, there are many facilities in the field engineering, less consideration is given to combining with agronomic technology, insufficient researches on the localization of irrigation and fertilization system, the integrated technology of water and fertilizer are not in place, and the comprehensive benefits of drip irrigation are not fully developed.Equipment and products do not match, high cost.The standard of drip irrigation equipment is not perfect, the production is not standard, the quality is not stable, the field operation machinery is not complete, the water-soluble fertilizer products are chaotic, the product testing and supervision system has not been formed, the cost of drip irrigation equipment and products is still higher.Iv. Insufficient technical knowledge and basic reserve.Drip irrigation technology is a systematic engineering with many interdisciplinary subjects, involving engineering, agronomy, ecology, environment and other aspects. In addition, drip irrigation technology is an emerging technology in China. People"s understanding level and knowledge level in this field are very low, with poor foundation and insufficient technical reserve, it is difficult to support the development of this technology.

Chen jiaqi, a member of the national technical committee for standardization of plastic products, introduced the standards and standardization of plastic water-saving equipment, as well as the classification of relevant standards at home and abroad.It is also pointed out that the standardization management mode in China should learn from the limited dominant mode of the government, gradually clarify the scope and content of the government"s dominant, strengthen the management of the public welfare standardization things, and open up the standardized things that need the enterprise and market dominance.

Shijiazhuang in implementing detection equipment co., LTD., general manager jiang runner-up, entitled "water-saving irrigation system study and promotion of quality control and testing platform" of the report, the key to the company inspection equipment, the control system has carried on the detailed introduction, and said, water-saving irrigation technology is to solve water crisis, one of the main countermeasure of developing modern agriculture, in recent years, our country from the aspects of policy, capital, etc. All support the development of water-saving irrigation technology and promotion, therefore, to strengthen product quality testing, it is particularly important to improve the quality of products.President of the China agricultural university institute of water conservancy and civil engineering Li Yunkai from water flow channel design principle, flow type, the structure design of energy dissipation of plugging material, the influence of flow channel of internal flow visualization method, evaluation of irrigation device port configuration, combination of geometric parameter adaptation, and so on has carried on the explanation, let the delegates to the inside of the flow of water features and design have a further understanding of the basic theory, won a burst of applause.

In the report titled "the development of irrigation informatization in xinjiang and thoughts on relevant issues", professor ma fuyu of shihezi university pointed out that the development of irrigation informatization in xinjiang can be divided into three stages: learning period, growth period and mature development period. During this process, the construction of irrigation remote control has accumulated over 2.3 million mu.Group of monitoring, the well water using quantitative management to explore, to carry out field crop irrigation remotely exploration and expert remote diagnosis service iot, cucumber in information management, based on information technology combined with other water management informationization, national enterprise growth, improve measurement and control technology and so on has made phased achievements.

Professor yi yongqing, national model worker and international water conservation award winner, introduced the application of plastic products in water-saving irrigation in zhejiang, and pointed out the promotion of water-saving irrigation based on his years of work experience.For example, the emphasis of drip irrigation technology is on labor cost saving and better efficiency increasing, while the emphasis of pipeline irrigation is on land saving and maintenance cost saving, because the cost of channel maintenance is a heavy expenditure of the village economy. Only by publicizing economic benefits can the cadres and farmers be moved, and the water-saving irrigation technology can be promoted rapidly.

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