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Anhui FLT actively involved in the drafting of industry standards

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Anhui FLT FILTERING SYSTEM CO.,LTD, (hereinafter referred to as "fillite company" stock code: 835162) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the r&d, production and service of water treatment environmental protection equipment.After more than 10 years of exploration and experience accumulation, actively involved in the drafting of industry standards.We strive to build our company into an advanced enterprise in the water filtration system industry in China.

Currently, the industry standard of shallow filter water filter drafted by philips as the initiator has been officially promulgated and implemented, and two industry standards of flow sand filter and laminated filter have been officially approved and are being drafted.

It is understood that the industry standard for shallow filter water filters is strictly stipulated in terms of terms and definitions, types and basic parameters, requirements, tests, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of shallow filter water filters.

Chairman ZhangChunLi said, shallow water filter is using quartz sand sand as filter medium, such as under certain pressure, the high turbidity water by a certain thickness of sand filter, effectively intercept remove the suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloid particles, microorganisms, etc., to reduce the water turbidity, water quality purification effect of a filtering device.The promulgation of the standard of this product will help standardize relevant products in the industry and improve product quality. Meanwhile, the cost of maintaining or replacing parts during the use of users will be further reduced.

Structure diagram of shallow filter material water filter

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