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The Second China Plastic Water-saving Irrigation Products Application Congress in Agricultural Modernization

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In order to promote the wide application of plastic water-saving irrigation products in modern agriculture, the Second China Plastic Water-saving Irrigation Products Application Congress in Agricultural Modernization and the Year of 2016 China Plastic Association Plastic Water-saving Equipment Special Committee was successfully held in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, from December 17 to 18, 2016.

China"s water-saving development principle of the 13th Five-Year Plan focuses on supporting the development of efficient water-saving irrigation in major grain producing areas, superior agricultural product planting areas and special cash crop areas, giving priority to the implementation of efficient water-saving transformation in areas where water resources are scarce and ecological environment is fragile. Adjust measures to local conditions and rational layout. In accordance with the conditions of soil and water resources, agricultural production and modern agricultural development pattern in different areas, the development models, objectives, tasks and construction contents of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation in different areas should be determined according to local conditions.

Efficient water-saving irrigation system is to use the current advanced technology to achieve significant water-saving and yield-increasing, irrigation management is convenient and work efficiency optimization. The filtering system plays the first role in the whole system. Anhui Filit Filtration System Co., Ltd. as one of the professional filter production enterprises, this time by the marketing department Lu and Chen Gong attended the annual meeting.

During the annual meeting, nearly 200 government departments, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, as well as leaders, experts and technicians of enterprises, exchanged and discussed the technology, development forms and application of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation.

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