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FILIT : "Two Extremes" rules and create the world"s top brands

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Anhui FILIT Filtration System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FILIT Company") has grown from an enterprise producing industrial water treatment filter systems to a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development, production and service of water treatment and environmental protection equipment; from a local enterprise to continuously expand the industry and develop into an industry. Leading enterprises were listed on the national share transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises in December 28, 2015.


Zhang Lichun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Felipe Company, said: "The reason why the enterprise has been able to develop so far is that we have always adhered to the principle of " two extremes", that is, to achieve the highest quality of products, to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness of products, and strive to build the company into a leading enterprise in the domestic water filtration system industry, a firm pace to lead the world. Technological advantages, and strive to build the world"s top brands.

In order to further improve the quality of the products, Felipe has formulated a product "bipolar" goal, that is, product quality, cost-effective to reach the extreme. Regular seminars will be held by Internet companies, foreign trade professionals, brand promotion media and direct sales personnel to re-develop and innovate in response to customer issues and increase the number of patent applications for invention. We should follow the virtuous circle of production generation, promotion generation and R&D generation in technical products, strive to achieve modularization, standardization and pipelining in production support links, that is, modularization of product formation, standardization of purchasing, process, manufacturing and monitoring processes, and pipelining of production process. When visiting the agricultural irrigation filter production workshop, the reporter saw that thousands of square meters of production workshop, but also more than ten workers. From the material cutting of the equipment to the polishing of the main body, the machine is completed by machine. But this does not meet Zhang Lichun"s requirements for modern enterprise production, according to him revealed that recently is planning to add an automatic robot production line. "After the production line is put into operation, only eight workers are required to produce 150 sets of equipment per day, and the annual output value of this line alone is expected to reach 100 million yuan." Zhang Lichun said.

Talking about the company"s future development, Zhang Lichun said that through capital operation, customer-centric, technological upgrading as the main line, based on industrial water treatment and filtration system products, the company will optimize and upgrade the product structure, increase hardware and personnel investment in soft power, so as to better achieve equipment development and Innovation, the realization of modular, standardized and streamlined production of a series of products, the development of more and better agricultural water-saving irrigation filtration system equipment, the industrial chain to the rapid extension of agricultural water-saving irrigation.

In marketing, we should stabilize and consolidate the direct sales market, expand the sales channels of e-commerce, increase the strength of foreign trade sales, and participate more in large-scale industrial water treatment, agricultural irrigation and other professional exhibitions at home and abroad, so as to build the company into a leading enterprise in the domestic water filtration industry.

FILIT will adopt different marketing modes for different markets. In view of the agricultural irrigation market, the company is establishing strategic cooperation with listed companies in the domestic irrigation industry and regional leading enterprises, and plans to establish about 30 cooperative partnerships throughout the country; in view of the municipal sewage market, the company intends to find large water companies to achieve matching sales. Sales in the industrial market will be divided into three modes: e-commerce, direct sales and foreign trade: cooperation with small engineering companies through e-commerce companies; direct sales mainly around the metallurgy, petrochemical industry, national engineering companies to establish strategic cooperation to achieve matching sales. In the field of foreign trade, the company intends to cooperate with famous foreign companies to make a breakthrough in the foreign trade market.

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