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What kind of filtration system should be installed for biogas irrigation

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With the development of agriculture, the mode of combining planting and breeding has been popularized in various regions, providing favorable conditions for the development of biogas slurry irrigation. However, in the process of biogas slurry drip irrigation and sprinkling irrigation, in order to prevent the impurities in biogas slurry from clogging the irrigator, proper filtering system is the key to the operation of the irrigation system.

For the biogas slurry filtration, generally use the sedimentation tank multi-stage filtration.The adjacent tanks of the built sedimentation tank will be connected with different mesh networks, such as 20 mesh - 80 mesh - 120 mesh.The biogas slurry is introduced into the irrigation system and filtered according to regular water use.The slurry can be directly filtered by combining sand filter group and laminated filter group.

In addition, in the biogas slurry filtration should also be noted, biogas slurry for the corrosion of the filter pipeline, PE material.At the same time, some biogas slurry may be too heavy metal, heavy metal ions should be installed.

It is understood that the introduction of biogas slurry into the agricultural planting system can not only make use of biogas slurry to achieve the recycling of waste, prevent the non-point source pollution caused by biogas slurry discharge, but also improve the utilization of water and nutrients in crop planting, increase crop yield and sales income.In addition, the utilization of biogas slurry nutrients can reduce the input of organic fertilizer and fertilizer, which has higher economic and social benefits.

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