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Industrial Filters

Automatic disc filter

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Products description


The FDP series laminated filter core consists of a set of two-sided grooved discs. The intersection of the groove edges can suspend the water and intercept the solids. Because of the surface interception and deep condensation, it greatly Improved filtering. FDP series laminated filter has the characteristics of effective backwashing, fully automatic continuous operation, low self-consumption water, small floor space and reliable operation. The backwashing process of the filter system alternates alternately, and the working and backwashing states are automatically Switching ensures continuous water discharge and system pressure loss is small, so the technical advantage is very obvious.

Filtration system application


1. Pretreatment of drinking water.

2. Various production process water.

3. Nozzle protection.

4. Circulating water filtration.

5. Pretreatment of water treatment.

6. Water treatment.

7. Wastewater treatment

Performance characteristics


1. Adopting a number of patented technologies, it is safer to install and use, saving water, land and has less daily maintenance.

2. The filter element has no spring design, and the filter pressure is ingeniously utilized to pressurize the disc group, which makes the pressure requirement of backwashing greatly reduced.

3. The unique built-in duckbill valve ensures the maximum water output of the filter element during filtration, and it has a good backstop function during backwashing.

4. The split-package filter core frame can flexibly adjust the height of the filter core according to the design requirements, and achieve the function of adjusting the filter area to meet different system supporting requirements.

5. Abandon the commonly used metal clamp design. The filter unit adopts self-locking buckle and specially designed sealing ring. The installation and disassembly of the filter unit housing is very simple and easy, and the sealing effect is good.

6. Each filter unit is equipped with a filter and backwash status indicating device and an automatic air intake and exhaust device, which can improve the backwashing effect of the filter core while avoiding water hammer damage.

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