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Industrial Filters

Multi-media filter

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Performance characteristics


1. FDZ series multi-media filter is used to improve water quality and treat organic and inorganic substances below 5μm in water. It is a pressure filter with built-in quartz sand and excellent anthracite filter. Utilizing the unique porous adsorption property of anthracite filter material, it has the functions of lower layer filtration and upper layer effective adsorption, and the dirt absorption amount of the filter material is enhanced compared with the single filter material. The structure is simple, the technology is mature, the cost performance is high, and the application field is wide.

2. FDZ series multi-media filter filtration system can be composed of one or more standard filtration units. The raw water passes through the internal water distributor, filter layer and water collector, and uses the excellent quartz sand and anthracite filter layer to effectively remove the pollution in the raw water. Object.

3. FDZ can work stably for a long time under the condition of large flow and small pressure loss, energy saving and environmental protection, and basically maintenance free.

Product model


FDZ series multi-media filter unit from 30′′ (750mm) to 120′′ (3000mm) various standard series height is generally 60′′ (1500mm); whic can also provide non-standard series according to customer requirements, which is more economical and practical for customers. Combined, if multiple processing units are installed on a common pipe, this can expand the filtering capacity of the system.

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