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Industrial Filters

The shallow sand filter

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Products description


The shallow sand filter with a spherical shell and a unique internal is design to ensure water flow smoothly during filtration and keep good filtration. During the backwashing, numerous inner loops are formed, and the recoil efficiency is high. Compare with traditional sand filter, it has lots of advance,such as automatic filtration, automatic backwashing, less sand, less water and so on.

Structural features


1. The filter is equipped with two observation and inspection ports, whose top is for observation and feeding, the bottom for emptying and maintenance, each port is leak-proof design, the system uses the principle of water pressure closure, which is safe and reliable.

2. The unique 55 mushroom-shaped differential pressure compensation filter water collector makes the water pressure balance of each part in the filtration state; the filtration flow rate and the efficiency is high; in the backwash state, the inner circulation is formed, and the recoil efficiency is high and won’t run sand.

3. The water distributor allows the unfiltered water stream to flow evenly through the packing layer even at high flow rates, and maintain a flat water surface on the packing layer.

4. The filter casing is made of stainless steel, steel lining or plastic. It has high pressure-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. It also has a spherical shell with an integral shape and could withstand a pressure of 0.59Mpa.

5. The inner layer of the filter is made of black polyethylene, which resists the pressure of the environment and prevents cracking chemical attack.

6. Pressure-compensated water collector, the opening near the middle is small, and the opening near the tail is large, so that the pressure of each collector to the outlet will be same.



1. General water filtration.

2. Cool the circulating water.

3. Seawater filtration.

4. Returning the used water.

5. Sewage filtration.

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