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Hydraulic automatic clean screen filter

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Product description


The FSD series hydraulic drive filter is a self-driven hydraulic filter with no energy consumption. Suitable for agricultural irrigation, metallurgical industry, petrochemical, municipal engineering and other water treatment projects. It cleverly utilizes the physical characteristics of water pressure, does not require electrical control, and completes the suction and removal of impurities; it reduces energy consumption, simplifies the filtering method, and is more suitable for occasions where power supply is difficult; it is simple in structure and convenient to maintain. With long service life, it is an ideal energy-saving and environment-friendly water treatment equipment.

Performance characteristics


1.It is convenient to combine with filtration equipment such as hydrocyclon sand separator

2. The cleaning water consumption is extremely small, about 1% of the total filtration volume.

3. The principle structure is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

4. The system is light in weight and does not require special foundation. Generally, cement can be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for occasions where electricity is not easy to supply.

5. The water pressure requirement of the equipment operation is slightly higher, generally should be greater than 0.25MPa. Otherwise, the cleaning will be incomplete due to the low water pressure, and the low water output index will cause the cleaning to be incomplete, which will affect the water output index.

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