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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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Filit"s mission: making the best filtration system in China

The best definition: good quality (category, quality, taste)
            Good price (close to material cost)
            Good use (to fully meet customer needs)
Description: fully understand the needs of the customer market (pain point), through modular design, create an intelligent production line, use lean management system (organization, process, IT), to achieve the mission of filit, in practice to lead the filit and employees to continue.

Filit"s vision: let 50% users who need it use filit"s filtering system.

The values of filit: for customers, artisan spirit, innovation and change, efficiency, growth, harmony.

Filit"s view of survival: the quality lifeline

Customer Outlook: customer interest first

The view of service: Everything provides value for customers

The talent view of fidelity: loyalty, seriousness, professionalism and enterprising spirit

Filit"s outlook on life: love, harmony, and win-win

Three styles of work:serious, fast, and committed to commitment

Three criteria:growth 50%, guarantee completion of tasks, no excuse

To know that there is no strength, to believe and to achieve is strength.

With the world"s leading technology advantages, we are committed to building the world"s leading brands.

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