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Water heating solution for steam water mixing heater

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Application range

It is used for heating water or solution in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, metallurgy and other industries. Such as environmental protection industry sewage heating, petrochemical industry waste oil dosing, pharmaceutical industry solution dosing, papermaking industry white water heating, metallurgical industry backwater heating, printing and dyeing industry dye heating.

System flow chart

Process water mixing heating solution

Scheme description

Chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, paper, printing and dyeing, metallurgical and other industries, due to production needs, some of the process water and solution need to be mixed or heated, sewage heating in environmental protection industry, waste oil in petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical solution in pharmaceutical industry, white water heating in paper industry, backwater heating in metallurgical industry, printing and dyeing line Dye solution heating and so on. DLQSH series steam-water mixing heater can solve this production problem very well. It adopts the principle of spraying to make the heated process water or solution flow like a jet. It is fully mixed with steam or liquid that needs to be mixed in an instant. The heating efficiency is high and the operation is stable. The material of steam-water mixing heater is divided into carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel, which can meet the production requirements of various processes. It is equipped with DLZQSH intelligent temperature control system. It can also control the temperature of the mixed solution very accurately to meet the control requirements of your production process.

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