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Raw water heater power plant water heating solution

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Application range

It is applied to raw water heating systems in thermal power plants.

System flow chart

Power plant water heating solution

Scheme description

Raw water heater is very important to ensure the normal operation of chemical water treatment plant equipment in winter, especially in Northeast and North China, the use time of raw water heater is up to 4-5 months, because the normal operation of raw water heater plays a great role in the safe production of the whole power plant. Originally, the plate heat exchanger is often used as raw water heater in power plant, but the plate heat exchanger is easy to scale in long-term operation, and the steam-water direct mixing raw water heater provided by Dorin environmental protection adopts the principle of injection, so that the steam and water are fully mixed in an instant, and the heating efficiency is high. Because water is sprayed and steam is mixed directly to solve the scaling problem of the original water heater, the plate heat exchanger has the advantages of small volume (only 1/2-1/5 of the plate heat exchanger), high thermal efficiency, large output (single output can reach 700 tons/hour), small vibration, small flow, easy installation and no space occupation, etc. DLZQSH type intelligent temperature control system, can very accurately control the temperature of water, is the only choice of heating method of raw water.

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