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Silencer heater pool process water heating solution

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Application range

Chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries need to heat water or liquids in pools or tanks.

System flow chart

Pool process water heating solution

Scheme description

The steam heating method of the traditional water tank or pool water or other liquid is generally directly heated into the water tank by the steam pipe. Although the method is simple and the cost is very low, the noise vibration is large, the heating is uneven, and the equipment loss is large. Will greatly affect the stability of the production process system. The use of the DLHX Vortex Silencing Heater solves all of these problems. The steam is directly introduced into the water tank or pool through the DLHX muffler heater, which can quickly and effectively heat the water or other liquid in the water tank or pool. The DLHX muffler heater can reduce the noise to less than 50dB due to the new muffling structure. With the DLZQSH intelligent temperature control system and DLSW water level control system, the water volume of the heated water tank can be accurately controlled, and it becomes a fully automatic process liquid preparation system.

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