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FILIT Has Officially Been the China General Agent of Baccara Solenoid Valve

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FILIT are very friendly with many well-known companies at home and abroad. In the beginning of 2016, leaders of Baccara came to FILIT, and has high evaluation on our company. Once they went back to Israel, they began to prepare for the cooperation between Baccara and Filit.

Today, Mr. Zhang, the president of Filit ,went to Israel to negotiate the concrete affairs between two parties. The Baccara was warmly welcome to Mr. Zhang, and gave a detailed introduction of the company"s products. After the negotiation, the both sides have great confidence in future cooperation, and sign the agreement, of which Filit has officially been the china general agent of baccara solenoid valve.

In the just-concluded Beijing Irrigation Exhibition, our Filit showed part of solenoid valve samples. Baccara’s technician came to this exhibition to introduce the technology. Many professionals are in great interests in Bacarra valves.

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