Welcome to the official website of Anhui FLT Filtering System CO.,LTD

  Former Anhui Filit Fluid Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in December 2003 in the city"s science and technology incubation center, registered capital of 12 million yuan, is a research and development, production, service as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. It covers an area of 62 mu, has three standardized steel structure factories and one office building, with a total floor area of nearly 20,000 square meters and a total asset of nearly 100 million yuan.

  At present, there are 100 employees, 3 national invention patents, and 29 national utility models. 7 high-tech products and 1 new key products in Anhui. It is a domestic equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of water filtration system and a unit supported by the national industrial treasury bond project in the water treatment and environmental protection equipment industry. The leading domestic enterprises in this industry are the drafting units of national industry standards for sand media filters.

  In recent years, the company has won the support of the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the National Torch Program and the High-tech Industrialization Project of Anhui Province, and the high-tech enterprises of Anhui Province, the famous trademark of Anhui Province, the state tax of Anhui Province, the A-level taxpayer credit unit of local tax and the special, special and new enterprises of Anhui Province. "Special, Fine, Special and New Enterprises" in Ma"anshan City, "Innovative Pilot Enterprises" in Ma"anshan City, and "Civilized and Honest Private Enterprises" in Ma"anshan City, etc.

  The company"s main products are:self cleaning filter, hydraulic automatic clean screen filter, disc filter, plastic filter, sand media filter, ceramic filter, medium and high speed media filter, dosing system, hydrocyclon sand separator and more than 20 products.Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, food, municipal, desalination, agricultural irrigation and other industries in the source of water, recycled water, cooling water reuse. It is the key technology and equipment in the recycling of water cycle, and the market space is huge.

  After the development in recent years, the company has established strategic cooperation with several engineering companies in the metallurgical and petrochemical industries to achieve matching.

  The products have been widely used in Baosteel, Wuhan Steel, Ma Steel, Sinopec, Wanhua polyurethane and other national key projects in the metallurgical and iron industry. The winning rate of the project participation is as high as 70-80%. Recently, it has passed the examination of Netafilm, a world famous agricultural irrigation company in Israel, and has become a supporting supplier of the company, with the exception of Israel.

  Starting from zero technology incubation center, the enterprise now has nearly 100 million yuan of assets through rolling self-development, and various hardware construction has been basically completed. The team, technology and brand have also formed a certain advantage, and the enterprise has entered the fast lane of development.

  In December 28, 2015, the SME share transfer system was listed on the market. The goal of future development is to be a pioneer filter equipment manufacturer in China, striving to achieve a market share of 10%, sales revenue of more than 300 million yuan, profits and taxes of 60 million yuan within five years.